Signs You Went To Newbold College

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No matter when it was you studied at Newbold, the following things probably ring true:

You kissed someone in Sylvia’s Garden

It’s romantic, we get it.

You’ve jetted all over Europe on breaks for less money than it costs to take the train to Scotland

This especially applies if Newbold was your first taste of Europe.

You’ve performed at International Night

It’s a Newbold thing.

You’ve heard David Koresh horror stories

Those stories still creep us out.

You’ve walked to Bracknell more than you care to remember

For those of you that have been gone for a while, Bracknell has gotten better. But it’s still pretty basic.

You’ve put your umbrella to some serious use

There’s no escaping that rain.

You are really into London

For good reason. It’s an hour away and awesome. On just about every level.

You know everyone who went to Newbold your year(s)

Newbold has always been small enough for everyone to know everyone.

You’ve taken the bus to Windsor

Coolest local attraction!!

You love Moor Close

Who doesn’t??

Your Graduation/Wedding Pictures WEre Taken at this Exact Spot

Because the same shot in front of the gym would just be depressing.


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