Newbold College Adds ‘Coping with Football Disappointment’ to Theology Curriculum

In a bold move following England’s heartbreaking loss to Spain in the Euro 2024 final, Newbold College of Higher Education has announced an addition to its theology curriculum: “THEO 301: Coping Read more […]

Newbold Perks You Won’t Find at Any Other Adventist School

Here’s why Newbold is the ultimate Adventist college experience: History and Culture? We Practically Invented It: Why slog through dusty textbooks when you can walk through history itself? Read more […]

Signs You Went To Newbold College

No matter when it was you studied at Newbold, the following things probably ring true: You kissed someone in Sylvia’s Garden It’s romantic, we get it. You’ve jetted all over Europe on breaks Read more […]

Smoke Signals To Announce Selection Of Newbold’s Next Principal

Berkshire, England — Every member of the Newbold College Board of Governors and Trans-European Division executive team crammed into a modestly-sized Salisbury Hall office this morning. The Read more […]

Newbold Primary Offers Baby Archie Full Scholarship

Instagram: @sussexroyal Berkshire, England – In what Newbold Primary termed a “show of solidarity” with the Duchess Of Sussex and Prince Harry, the school has offered a full scholarship to Read more […]

WARNING: Brexit Could Have “Terrible Consequences” For Newbold Cafeteria Menu

BERKSHIRE, England — In a last-ditch effort to stop Brexit proceedings, Newbold College had warned that the UK’s departure from the European Union could have “terrible consequences” on the menu Read more […]

Newbold Launches Fake British Accent for Americans Degree

BERKSHIRE, England — Newbold College unveiled the latest expansion to its academic offerings this month by launching a degree specifically aimed at students from across the pond. Fake British Read more […]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to wed in Sylvia’s Garden at Newbold College

BRACKNELL, England — Prince Harry and US actress fiancée Meghan Markle have announced that they will wed in Sylvia’s Garden on the campus of Newbold College. The couple said that Newbold, Read more […]

Trump cheers “terrific” Brexit, wants to invest in Newbold College

BERKSHIRE, England — In a surprise visit hours before arriving in Scotland for the opening of the Trump Turnberry golf resort, Donald Trump toured the campus of Newbold College. Standing Read more […]

Newbold College becomes first Adventist filming location for Game of Thrones

BRACKNELL, England — Unaccustomed to hosting more than Adventist conventions and the occasional student Shakespeare performance, the campus of England’s Newbold College appears poised for Read more […]