Signs You’ve Been to Pathfinder Camporee

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If you’ve ever been to a Pathfinder camporee, you know that it’s an unforgettable experience that’s full of fun, friendship, and adventure. Here are a few signs that you’ve gone to one:

  1. You catch yourself humming the Pathfinder song in the shower.
  2. You have a collection of camporee patches: Camporee patches are like badges of honor for Pathfinders – perfect for your sash or backpack.
  3. You can pitch a tent in record time: Pathfinders are pros at setting up camp. If you’ve been to camporee, you know how to pitch a tent, set up a campfire, and cook a meal in the great outdoors.
  4. You have lifelong friends from camporee: Camporee is all about building relationships and making new friends. If you’ve been to camporee, you likely have lifelong friends from all over the world who share your love for Pathfinders and the great outdoors.
  5. You’ve learned how to tie different types of knots, including the bowline, clove hitch, and sheepshank, in order to win the coveted Knot-Tying Challenge.
  6. You’ve sat through countless sermons by camporee speakers (probably Master Guides) ranging from evangelists to church administrators, and can recite some of their most memorable quotes by heart.
  7. You’ve competed in Pathfinder Olympics events, such as the 100-meter dash, relay race, and tug-of-war, while wearing your club’s matching t-shirt.
  8. You’ve participated in various community service projects, such as cleaning up local parks, painting murals, and serving meals to the homeless.
  9. You have memorized the Pathfinder pledge and law and strive to live by them in your everyday life.
  10. You find yourself getting emotional during the closing ceremony, even though you’ve only known these people for a few days.
  11. You’ve made plans to attend the next Camporee before you’ve even left the current one. Especially if you have a crush from another club you want to see again.


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