Single Adventist Youth Pastor’s Dating Profile

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Greetings, fellow Adventist singles! I’m a single Adventist youth pastor who’s ready to mingle and spread the love of Jesus with someone special. When I’m not busy leading youth Bible studies or planning mission trips, you can catch me practicing my guitar skills in hopes of one day leading worship at the General Conference.

I’m seeking a partner who shares my love for all things Adventist, from potlucks to Pathfinder campouts. Bonus points if you can quote Ellen White and sing all the verses to “We Have This Hope” without missing a beat. I’m also looking for someone who can appreciate my collection of Sabbath-keeping hamsters and doesn’t mind sharing a haystack or two.

In my free time, I enjoy reading books on prophecy and conspiracy theories, watching Doug Batchelor sermons on repeat, and trying to memorize the entire Bible (I’m almost there!). I’m also an amateur vegetarian chef, and my specialty is tofu turkey. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

If you’re a Sabbath-keeping, hymn-singing, prophecy-loving Adventist who’s ready for a God-centered relationship, then let’s get to know each other! We can pray together, study the Bible together, and maybe even attend an evangelistic series together. Can’t wait to hear from you! #AdventistDating #BarelyAdventist



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