Slide Show: How to make a Haystack

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Ah, haystacks: Beloved dish of NAD Adventists, bafflement to Adventists elsewhere and taco salad to everyone else. Haystacks are typically made with corn chips, protein (usually beans) and assorted vegetables and sauces. The possible combinations are truly mind-boggling and endless. Therefore we humbly present our method to creating this delectable layered feast (and by "humbly present" we mean: Do it this way or else.) So let's make hay(stacks) while the sun shines!


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    1. yum..any way u slice it, yum, but i’ll use my spiritual gift of “correcting others’ mistakes” to tell u the cheese should go on the chips so that the beans/meat melt them to the chips. proceed doing whatever u like after that. lol.

  1. Alisa Williams

    I’m really disappointed to see that BarelyAdventist would reveal this information to the world. Any good Adventist knows that only we have the truth (…about haystacks) and that truth should be heavily guarded and kept to ourselves. Honestly, how else are we supposed to tell the Adventists from the heathens when our code food has just been released to the interwebs? Now every random person on the street will be talking about haystacks and trying to order them in restaurants, and it will be impossible to tell who the real Adventists are. I hope you’re happy.

  2. Bob Dale

    You can’t put refried beans on a haystack – that’s not Adventist! I am beginning to think this site is run by some ultra liberal ‘drums on the platform’ kind of operation!

  3. David N

    I always have fun showing my non-Adventist friends Haystacks… they are always so confused, not that we would eat this obviously amazing meal, but that we think its something unique to us. Contrary to the story I’m sure most of us heard growing about a curtain resourceful Sabbath keeping Pastor’s Wife, it is simply a meatless taco salad… That being said, Haystacks will always be one of my favorite meals and something I connect deeply with my Adventist upbringing!!

  4. Melissa

    Once while serving haystacks in the cafeteria at SAU, I tried telling people that Ellen White said that it was healthier to make haystacks upside down and eat them that way. The scary part was that some people actually took me seriously! Ah, the joy of slow weekends in the cafe! I miss those days.

  5. Michael Moor

    One time we had a haystack potluck where different people were to bring each different ingredient. The chips: different flavored potato chips. We knew who wasn’t a 7. 🙂 It was actually pretty good with the barbecued ones. But them some might call me “liberal”. Lol.

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