Fritos pays tithe to Seventh-day Adventist Church as thanks for haystacks business

PLANO, Tex. — Frito-Lay announced this morning that it had commenced paying a ten percent tithe to the Seventh-day Adventist Church on net revenue from sales of its popular Fritos corn chips. The Read more […]

Slide Show: How to make a Haystack

Ah, haystacks: Beloved dish of NAD Adventists, bafflement to Adventists elsewhere and taco salad to everyone else. Haystacks are typically made with corn chips, protein (usually beans) and assorted vegetables and sauces. The possible combinations are truly mind-boggling and endless. Therefore we humbly present our method to creating this delectable layered feast (and by “humbly present” we mean: Do it this way or else.) So let’s make hay(stacks) while the sun shines!