Slide Show: If popular TV shows were Adventist…

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BarelyAdventist re-imagines what popular TV shows would be like if they had Adventism in mind. 3ABN, Hope Channel, we hope you're paying attention.

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  1. Richard Mills

    “Movin’ On Up” is about a regular Joe Pew guy makes his way up to GC President. Remember Clifton Davis?? “Duck Dynasty” should be called “TOFU Dynasty”. Who can make the worst tasting stuff out of tofu!! Put Ben Carson on “Jeopardy”. “Shark Tank”–pick the guy who can best make the ABC’s more profitable. Go get that “Profit” guy and bring our schools back into the black-bottom line is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Woe is me!!

  2. The Great Adventist Cook-Off– in which Adventists prepare healthy and nutritious dishes. Each week the weakest contestant is voted out. The winner receives a huge amount of money which she then must tithe. The judges are conference officials’ wives. Ouch that’s a harsh scenario.

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