Slide Show: You know you’re at an Adventist wedding when…

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It's Spring and you know what that means---it's the start of wedding season! Here are some ways to know when you're attending an Adventist one. (Photo via pixabay)

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  1. All true except I didn’t know Steven Curtis Chapman was this popular among SDAs. Back in the day, we had Peter, Paul, and Mary for special music during the service, and The Carpenters during the reception. If you really wanted to show off your Adventist education, you played Pachelbel, Vivaldi, or other classical music du jour.

  2. kaj

    You forgot one thing: The officiating pastor preaches a very long sermon. Non-Adventist weddings have a short ceremony and long reception, while Adventist weddings are the other way around.

  3. # 7 – “The bride and groom don’t exchange rings and/or they exchange watches.” Even though some hardcore pastors still follow that practice, it has faded away in most congregations since the policy changed decades ago. A wedding ring is quite tame compared to the Old Testament Bible practice of using a nose-ring and bracelet, or the ten silver coins (which Jesus mentioned in a positive light) worn on the wife’s forehead in New Testament times, The Bible verses and SDA policy are discussed at .

  4. kaj

    Another thing: most Adventist weddings don’t have a ring bearer, but a “Bible Boy” instead.
    (Bridal parties are still free to have “Flower Girls,” in spite of rose-petal throwing having not Biblical, but pagan, origins.)

  5. obinna worgu

    As an adventist, i do not believe it is right to exchange wrings at weddings, or do we say that rings are jewelry. “if we allow members to freely make use of rings at weddings, what moral grounds do we have to condenm those wishing to pierce their ears so they can wear ear-rings? i think that those who wear rings are wishing to be like “the world” period!

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