Top Adventist pick-up lines revealed

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ADVENTIST WORLD — Adventist leaders recently ordered a survey of the most effective pick-up lines among young adult church-goers. The top responses are listed below:

17. Let’s go read how we can make our very own Adventist Home.

16. Is that the love of our lord and savior in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

15. I’d like to have your whole world in my hands.

14. I’ve got the stuff to make haystacks on Sabbath.

13. Hey, want to go out with me? We can avoid drinking the wine of the wrath of God together.

12. Want to see my Pathfinder badges?

11. I’ve just paid for extra cloud storage for all my downloaded Amazing Facts broadcasts… want to come listen with me?

10. There’s a vespers Friday night. You going with anyone yet?

9. Can I wash your feet?

8. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? You are the third angel, aren’t you?

7. Oh you go to an Adventist college? I’m a theology major, who can play the guitar.

6. When you walked in the room, I was so overcome, I almost clapped for you.

5. Want to store up treasures in heaven with me?

4. If you go out with me, I promise not to be a Great Disappointment.

3. I have all the Heritage Singers albums. On vinyl.

2. Want to go wading with me on Sabbath?

1. Ever heard about how Doug Batchelor lived in a cave?

Special thanks to Misty D. Watson (a proud badventist) for the guest post!

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  1. Richard mills

    I looked in the book of Numbers and I couldn”t find yours!
    Let’s sing some Psalms together.
    I’ll share my Little Debbie’s with you, sweetie pie!

  2. Gwen Tartaglia

    I came across a version of this yesterday ( naturally, Sabbath, so I was looking for something that wasn’t mind-numbingly out of date, & wasn’t ALL Doug Batchelor, ALL the time- I was looking for something new from David Asscherick, when I saw a video start, & a dude totally dead- panned ” Are you having a hard time finding a help- meet?” I laughed so hard, I cried!!! My 24 yr old son, who is a deacon in our local SDA Church, came by today, I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I’d love to see more of those videos, & more of these skits, as well!! Thank you, you’re doing a great job!!!

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