Want to advertise to 40,000 Adventists? BarelyAdventist can help.

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We’ve had a lot of people asking about how to advertise on BarelyAdventist lately so we thought it was time to put up a page with some basic info on our menu bar.


The short of it is, BarelyAdventist reaches 40,000 Adventists and their friends (and counting) monthly by cutting through the noise with a distinctive humor and satire voice. We are trying to build bridges and bring the Adventist community together over stuff we can laugh about, pray about and discuss as we grow.


We are huge fans of the BarelyAdventist community that buzzes with laughs, questions, comments and reader-submitted jokes in the blog comment section and on social media.


If you have products or services that are designed with Adventists in mind, we would love to partner with you to get the word out. Here, again, is our first-ever advertising page!


Single, separated, divorced and widowed Adventists who want to change that status wanted.


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  1. “Nothing except the U.S. Mint can make money without advertising.” (Thomas Babington Macaulay). “And now a word to our sponsors”: when sevvy is happy, the readers are happy. When the readers are happy, the sponsors are happy. The more readers there are, the happier everybody is. Share BarelyAdventist and let the good times roll!

  2. Burny Colonel Sanders

    If only this opportunity had been available a few months ago; I might have won the nomination. But it’s never too late. Memo to beleaguered staff: Contact BarelyAdventist ASAP.

  3. Hilarious Clinton

    A distinguished gentleman approaches the Pearly Gates.

    St. Peter asks, “Why should I let you in?”

    The man answers, “Because I always used to read BarelyAdventist.”

    “So, a lot of people did that, but they’re not getting in,” replied St. Pete.

    “Yes, but I didn’t just read the stories, I also read the ads,” the man exclaimed.

    “Well done, sir,” said St. Pete. “You have gone the second mile. Welcome to paradise!”

  4. Frank N. Stein

    You know how some kids are a bit odd, all they do is read the encyclopedia and dictionary? Well I was sort of weird like that; all I did was read advertisements. And I turned out okay; very successful, in fact.

  5. richard mills

    I say your new ad campaign needs to reach 144,000. If everyone carries a sandwich board around town, we can reach the masses in no time. If I am compensated enough, I just might wear one here in town.

      1. richard mills

        I want an ad with me in a swimming pool filled with all kinds of Little Debbies. “Float Your Way to Heaven” . “Eat Little Debbies at the mile long table in the Kingdom”.

  6. Jack Frost

    It should go without saying (so why am I saying it?) that any wine advertised here must be of the vegetarian variety (or the vegan variety for the really strict SDAs).

  7. Confused

    That’s a cool picture above about “Reach the Remnant.” So sponsors will touch a piece of cloth? Why should they pay to do that? Why not just reach a piece of cloth in their own home? I’m so confused. . . .

  8. E. G. Why?

    The meme at the top of this page says our pioneers would love you for buying an ad on BarelyAdventist. Yeah, they all loved the Internet. They used it even before Al Gore invented the Information Superhighway.

    1. Joe Bates

      Actually, we’re all rolling in our graves, wishing we had had the opportunity to use the Internet instead of having to set type by hand to print leaflets to hand out “like the leaves of autumn.”

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