Worship Committee Votes To Impeach Church Drummer

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It’s complicated…
WASHINGTON, D.C. — This evening the Worship Committee of Joyful House Fellowship voted to impeach the congregation’s senior drummer, Des Masiado.

The vote brought to a close a months-long process in which subcommittees had heard from witnesses that critiqued the excessive volume of Masiado’s drumming as well as claims he used his status to have potential replacement drummers investigated before their names made it to nominating committee.

Masiado fought the impeachment process right up until last Sabbath when he put a blistering 5-page attack on the effort to remove him in each church bulletin.

The musician was nowhere close to the church fellowship hall as the Worship Committee voted to impeach him, opting instead to put on a free concert in the park for his supporters.

The impeachment is unlikely to remove Masiado from his post as any such decision would have to be supported by a church board trial that is expected to go nowhere.


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