Worst Adventist Committees

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We Adventists are big on our committees and spend a disproportionate amount of our time on them. Here are some of the ones to avoid if you can:

Church Board

Many an agonizing, unproductive hour is spent on this committee discussing every pet project of the strong-willed local church members that typically end up in this select group. Bring a pillow and a lot of patience. This one is going to last a while. 

Finance Subcommittee

How much is each church department going to get of the pie? How do we plan for every single contingency that might come up? When are we replacing that leaky roof? Someone has got to deal with all this but you’d be forgiven for not wanting to be one of the chosen.

Church Parking Duty Committee

The saints are an unruly bunch when it comes to parking sensibly on Sabbath morning. So you need a self-sacrificing group of people wearing yellow vests to walk around the parking lot, directing cars. Needless to say, this is not fun. And neither is coordinating the whole operation.

Potluck Cleanup Committee

Potluck is great until you need to wipe down tables and mop afterwards. Then everyone disappears. To prevent that from happening you need a cleanup committee that makes sure the fellowship hall survives. Recruiting enough volunteers for this crew is like pulling teeth.

General Conference Executive Committee

This group makes a lot of calls for everyone else that frequently generate untold controversy. They love to line up at mics and argue for and against motions and watching them deliberate is worse than observing grass grow. 

Sabbath Morning Floral Arrangement Committee

Those flowers make a difference for sure but the coordination behind the scenes is less riveting. This committee is for the few that have an eye for aesthetics and a knack for persuading people to tap their floral creativity. Hard work.

Compliance Committee

Luckily, this committee never really took off after it was announced a few years ago. The idea was for people to sit around assessing how their fellow members were following various regulations and policies. Makes you think of the text on splinters and planks. Ugghhh.



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