Slide Show: 10 Adventist status symbols

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Adventists are called to be sober, humble, meek, all while wearing little to no makeup or jewelry. But that doesn't mean they don't have their own ways of letting you know what's what or who's who.

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  1. You quote the SDA urban legends: “. . . jewelry of any kind [is] out . . . But the watch—now that’s practical.” And while a brooch “is technically a piece of jewelry, it doesn’t pierce the skin, hence its acceptability.” The folly of these legends is revealed at . We don’t need to make silly loopholes to get around alleged church standards. Jewelry is jewelry, whether it touches the skin or not. Of course too much of a good thing can look gaudy or silly; but in moderation, the Bible says He actually likes it.

    1. I grew up a conference kid..went to the schools etc…went to church when I was 30 with tattoos…church people were shocked…I am now 48 with harley tats..frog down the side of my alot of times red with black underneath…didn’t step foot in a adventist church since 1996…now live next to smu and go to my dad’s church..wear my necklace from my kids….never once been criticized for tats rings got approved in 1989…til then a newly engaged woman was given a watch instead of a ring which she wore on her right wrist..when married it went on her left wrist. The only thing that shocked me when I went to another church is folks were outside smoking…even tho more relaxed myself and yes smoke…I am still stuck with this is the lords house and would never think of smoking there…also trying to get use to being able to wear pants to church…the church has relaxed more these later yrs than they use to be…

  2. a belfield

    The pathfinder couple would never even think of standing that close together. Holding hands between a boy and a girl totally unacceptable. In the adentist world remember the sidewalks are pink and blue and alternate weekly.

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