AD-ventists and ad-VENtists not talking to each other

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No end in sight.
No end in sight.
ADVENTIST WORLD — A heated disagreement over how to pronounce the word “Adventist” has led Adventists on either side of the argument to stop speaking to each other.

Those convinced that the correct pronunciation is “AD-ventist” are infuriated at the swelling numbers of the “ad-VENtists” that have threatened to bring the question to a vote at the next General Conference session.

Analysts claim that if the matter were to go to vote today, the “ad-VENtists” would win handily despite whimperings from the “AD-ventists” about historical correctness.

“The ‘AD-ventists’ have dug their heels in and are refusing to give up without a fight,” said head Adventist statistician, Sept Jours, predicting that the argument will continue to brew for years to come.

“We Adventists are great at obsessing about just about anything other than mission.”

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  1. Spellchecker

    On a related note … this 3rd generation Adventist was asked, in third grade, to write the name of our denomination. Piece of cake, right? Wrong! I spelled it “Seventh-Day Adventist.” My answer was marked as incorrect as I had capitalized the D in Day. Over one-half century later and I still remember that dang test question! Because of my childhood wrong answer it drives me nuts to this day each time I see a church or a website spell it wrongly.

    Perhaps both the correct enunciation and spelling of the denomination could be addressed at the next session of the GC.

  2. Richee Rich

    Youse guys always get this stuff incorrect. It’s AHH-ventists not ADDD-ventists=Seventh-day AHHH-ventists. Did you know that there are Madventists, Sadventists, Gladventists, Happyventists, Proudventists and a few more. Please addddd to the list. AS for me, I’m a SDA Little Debbie Ahhventist when they remove that pagan logo off the current packaging!

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