Adventist 30 lbs heavier since Thanksgiving decision to let go and let God

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The holidays have been a little too happy...
The holidays have been a little too happy…
Chattanooga, Tenn. — Since a somber decision to “let go and let God” while going for yet another serving of Tofurky at this year’s Thanksgiving table, lifelong Adventist Fred Munchur has put on a good 30 lbs.

As comments from his wife and coworkers have flooded in about his rapidly expanding waistline, Munchur battled a sense of betrayal by the veggie meat platters, Little Debbie treats and other Adventist health foods he had consumed over the past several weeks.

Feeling a little squeezed by his favorite clothing choices, Munchur went on the hunt for a more forgiving Sabbath-appropriate sweater to wear.

Stepping on the scale for the first time since that fateful Thanksgiving decision, Munchur balanced his sense of acute alarm with a resolute determination to “step out in faith” onto a treadmill sometime in January.

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