Desperate Adventist Prays For Deliverance From All-Night Prayer Meeting

HARD LUCK, Mich. — Half-asleep, Joe Cansadisimo is sending up a desperate prayer for deliverance as his local congregation’s prayer meeting continues to hold strong at 11:34 PM.  T’he Read more […]

Adventists required to provide hints regarding nature of unspoken prayer requests

Adventist World — Adventists making unspoken prayer requests will now be required to provide hints as to the nature of these mysterious petitions to the curious crowd around them. Whether on Read more […]

Adventist church pays for members’ knee replacements after marathon prayer

Boughdon, Ga. — Seven members of an Adventist congregation in Boughdon, Georgia have been awarded free knee replacements from their church after an extremely long prayer led to irreversible Read more […]