Conference President Aggressively Marketing Problem Pastors to Foreign Mission Fields

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In an epiphany at the end of a long day of meetings last year, Troubled Waters Conference President Max Trabajo decided he’d had enough of having to deal with the most difficult pastors in his conference.

Instead of summoning them for stern talks and extended “training” at the conference office, Trabajo decided he would simply find the problem pastors mission fields as far away as possible.

So he lined up meetings with mission presidents from around the world, and passionately argued that these “unique” pastors possessed qualities that, when harnessed correctly, would lead to extraordinary outcomes in their fields.

So far the conversations have underperformed almost as badly as the pastors in concern. Turns out nobody is that interested in Trabajo’s sales tactics. All they’ve garnered have been laughs from his missions counterparts and the quick offer of “pioneering pastors” from the missions that his contacts feel would be a perfect fit in Trabajo’s conference.


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