Delegate Threatens to Repeatedly Send Rival’s Name Back To Committee Until He Himself is Elected Conference President

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“I hope you guys weren’t planning on getting any other business done this session ‘cause I am sending this back to committee,” declared a crazy-eyed delegate nobody had ever heard of at today’s Rocky Road Conference Session business meeting.

“I don’t know what the nominating committee had for breakfast but there’s no way we are voting on this guy for president,” said the incensed delegate claiming this was the second time he’d been overlooked to lead his conference into the Promised Land.

“I’ll send this back committee as many times as it takes for you guys to come back to your senses,” added the guy who had absolutely zero experience running so much as a Pathfinder pin stand at camporee before literally dropping the mic and stomping back to his seat.

Sighing, the Chair said it was time to break for lunch and that they were having haystacks on a first-come -first-serve basis.

As the stubborn delegate made a beeline for the exit, the business meeting was rapidly reconvened, and the original nomination was voted through.


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