GC Approves ‘Black Widow’ As Adventist-Appropriate Due To Non-Leadership Role In Avengers

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Silver Spring, Md. —— In a shocking move, the General Conference has released a statement fully authorizing Adventist members to view Marvel’s Black Widow on opening weekend. 

“We don’t usually like Marvel films but we are making an exception for Black Widow as the main female protagonist is not attempting to assert her leadership over the Avengers,” said the statement. 

While the GC stressed the movie should not be seen between Friday and Saturday sunset, the denominational headquarters applauded Marvel for finally casting a female “without any intimidating super powers that she is lording over her colleagues.”

“Women’s ordination crusaders have much to learn from Marvel’s Black Widow character,” continued the statement, “she’s determined to do her honest part as a team player without making a fuss about equal pay and credentialing details.”



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