Marie Kondo to GC: Which Fundamental Beliefs “Spark Joy?”

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Marie Kondo – Facebook
SILVER SPRING, Md. — In a presentation to overwhelmed General Conference leaders this morning, Japanese organization consultant, Marie Kondo, urged the group to declutter their approach to faith.

“Holding up the ever-growing book of Adventist fundamental beliefs, Kondo said attempting the reading of the dense volume on the flight from Tokyo ranked as one of the “most confusing experiences” of her earthly existence.” 

“Which of these ideas sparks joy?” asked Kondo.

“You need to clean house, there is way too much in this book for any human being to keep track of,” she added.

Kondo said that, while she wasn’t personally a Christian, she had heard that the love of Jesus was central to Christian doctrine.

“Maybe just stick to Jesus in the GC Session commemorative version of this book,” she suggested.



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