Supreme Court Nominee Pressed On Whether Ted Wilson Should Retire

Official portrait of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson by H2rty.
WASHINGTON, D.C — As the confirmation hearings for US Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson raged yesterday, Jackson was shot a curveball question by Senator Noe Existo (R. Calif) who demanded her opinion on whether long-serving General Conference President Ted Wilson should retire at this summer’s GC Session.

Without missing a beat Jackson, responded she didn’t have the faintest clue who Wilson was. 

Existo then explained Wilson’s leadership role in the Adventist denomination to which Jackson replied the only thing she knew about Adventists was they “came up with Cornflakes and Ben Carson.”

Existo said that another thing to know about Adventists was they live way longer than anyone else thanks to a steady diet of cardboard.

The senator explained to Jackson that Wilson had served two terms as leader of the GC, plus two extra COVID years.

Jackson then said it was probably time for new blood in the denomination.

“After a few years of R&R Wilson could always consider running for US president,” added Jackson, “but he clearly isn’t old enough yet.”


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