Take This Quiz To Find The Right Adventist College For You

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Take this quiz to figure out the right Adventist college for you:

What’s your favorite Adventist potluck dish?

  1. Jello salad
  2. Tofurky casserole
  3. Vegan lasagna
  4. Fruit salad

What’s your favorite hymn?

  1. “Amazing Grace”
  2. “Shall We Gather at the River?”
  3. “It Is Well with My Soul”
  4. “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

How do you feel about Friday night vespers?

  1. Love them, they’re so peaceful.
  2. Attend occasionally, but prefer other activities.
  3. Hate them, they’re too long and boring.
  4. What’s a vespers?

What’s your favorite Adventist social media account?

  1. BarelyAdventist
  2. The Haystack
  3. The Adventist Humorist
  4. Adventist Memes

What’s your favorite Adventist event?

  1. Camp meeting
  2. Youth rally
  3. Health expo
  4. Revival weekend

How do you feel about vegetarianism?

  1. Love it, it’s a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Respect it, but eat meat occasionally.
  3. Hate it, I need my bacon.
  4. Don’t care, eat what I want.

What’s your favorite study spot?

  1. The library
  2. A coffee shop
  3. My dorm room
  4. Outdoors

What’s your favorite Christian musician?

  1. Michael W. Smith
  2. Sandi Patty
  3. David Crowder
  4. Del Delker

What’s your favorite Adventist book?

  1. Steps to Christ
  2. The Great Controversy
  3. The Desire of Ages
  4. Adventist Apocalypse

What’s your favorite Adventist health food?

  1. Carob
  2. Nutritional yeast
  3. Lentil loaf
  4. Avocado toast


If you answered mostly 1s, you should go to Andrews University because you appreciate tradition and academic rigor, and enjoy a peaceful study environment.

If you answered mostly 2s, you should go to Walla Walla University because you appreciate a laid-back atmosphere, and enjoy good coffee and socializing.

If you answered mostly 3s, you should go to Southern Adventist University because you appreciate a strong sense of community, and enjoy outdoor activities and health-oriented events.

If you answered mostly 4s, you should go to Loma Linda University because you appreciate cutting-edge health science and enjoy innovative plant-based cuisine.

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