Theologian Spotted On Slippery Slope

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Tenured skier.
Telluride, Colo. — Alarm bells rang all over Adventist academia this morning as a prominent denominational theologian was spotted flying down a slippery slope in Telluride.

A flock of commentators immediately lit up social media declaring the grace-preaching New Testament professor had no idea he was on a black-diamond run as he hurtled down the near-vertical decline.

Theological opponents of the professor pounced, certain the only thing that could explain the precipitous descent was an overdose of gossip juice, consumed on an empty theological stomach.

Nothing else, claimed critics, could account for any deviation from the bunny slopes of committee-approved biblical insight.


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  1. Richard Mills

    I agree with Marcy. Slippin’&slidden’ to Fuller, Gordon, Saddelback and other schools of renown theological academia. Maybe Andrews? The slide to WO is gonna be fun. Watch out INDY 2020. MAGA-Make Adventism Great Again is my motto.

    1. Marcy

      I think the only way to make Adventism great is to start persecution. That is what the liberal GC has been doing for a few years now to the SDA’s who are preaching the real truth in the 3 angels’ messages and the real sanctuary message.The GC has been casting the preachers who preach the real truth out of the synagogue and then suing them for still calling themselves SDA. Adventism is becoming great again in the little company standing in the light outside if the organization that is sliding quickly down the slippery slope.
      Whenever a true sheep is cast out, Jesus finds that sheep and gives him a place within the fold. ”The sheep was cast out of the fold for being a living witness to the power of Christ. Many have been cast out of the church whose names were registered upon the book of life. Wolves in sheep’s clothing were ready to cast out of the fold and devour one who was entitled to the Lord’s pasture; but Jesus, the True Shepherd, sought him, and gave him a place within the fold.”
      {ST, December 4, 1893 par. 8}

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