Ways To Ruin a Tofu Potluck Dish

Tofu dishes can work out great for potluck, but let’s face it – given a tight pre-Sabbath Friday afternoon even the best of us can stumble in prepping them. Here’s how to turn your tofu potluck dish into a legendary “remember when” tale (and not in a good way):

1. The Sahara Surprise: Forget seasoning. Unseasoned tofu is like a tasteless sponge, absorbing joy from every bite.

2. Tofu Jerky Jamboree: Overcook the tofu until it’s drier than the Sahara. Everyone will wonder if they’re eating a science experiment.

3. Soft Tofu Tango: Grab soft tofu when you need firm. Watch your stir-fry dissolve into tofu confetti.

4. Tofu Swimming Lesson: Drown your tofu in its own juices by skipping the draining step. Bonus points for soggy salads!

5. Soy Sauce Monsoon: Pour soy sauce like there’s no tomorrow. Your dish will taste like the bottom of the ocean.

6. Saccharine Symphony: Use artificial sweeteners to give tofu an identity crisis. The flock will wonder if they signed up for dessert or a chemistry class.

7. Cilantro Catastrophe: Garnish with cilantro, alienating half the room (the side with actual standards.)


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