Member Who Brought Actual Chicken to Church Potluck Suddenly VIP

At Eden Springs Adventist Church’s potluck, local church pianist Kay F Cee’s decision to break the vegetarian tradition by bringing actual chicken won her a lot of friends this Sabbath.

As soon as Cee entered the fellowship hall the usual array of meat substitutes and vegetable dishes was overshadowed by the tantalizing aroma of roast chicken, drawing ravenous glances and judgy/envious whispers from fellow members. 

While some Pharisees banned the dish from the main potluck table, it quickly became the center of attention at the potluck with members suddenly revealing their carnivorous identities as they begged Cee for a slice.

Cee emerged from the meal having traded thin-sliced roast chicken for a guarantee she would not be bothered by the nominating committee for a year. She was also given an exclusive premium parking spot near the church’s front door as well as visitor status at potluck for a year ensuring she will be first in line every Sabbath.


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