Single Deacon Grateful to be God’s Gift to Humanity

In a revelation that has left his fellow churchgoers both annoyed and amused, 27-year-old Adventist bachelor, Daniel McSingleton, has declared himself to be “God’s gift to humanity” due to his unique Read more […]

NAD Launches Department Of Adventist Dating

COLUMBIA, Md. — Citing a record number of complaints from single Adventists claiming they have no romantic prospects at their local church, the North American Division recently opened the world’s Read more […]

Adventist singles praying for someone cute to manifest in church

As Sabbath approaches, single Seventh-day Adventists across the globe have confirmed that they are fervently praying for a cute single person to manifest in their local church on Sabbath morning. Read more […]

Adventist church bulletins to feature dating listings

SILVER SPRING, Md. —- “As of this coming Sabbath, Adventist church bulletins around the world will carry dating listings featuring single church members within a 50-mile radius of any given Read more […]