Deacon Pilloried for Premature Potluck Seconds Attempt

RICKETY SHED, Mich. — Members of Graceless SDA Church took matters into their own hands last Sabbath as Ben Masnomenos, a particularly disliked deacon, tried to go for potluck seconds before Read more […]

Deacons to Drive Out After-Church Socializers With Whips

ADVENTIST WORLD — Adventist deacons across the denomination have been given the authority to drive out confirmed over-socializers with whips if they do not clear the sanctuary within 15 minutes Read more […]

Adventist deacons issued Super Soakers to wake up church nappers

ADVENTIST WORLD — Adventist deacons have received the ultimate weapon to combat napping in church: Super Soakers. Shipments of the high-power water guns arrived at Adventist churches worldwide Read more […]