Evangelist Shocked to Discover Bible Contains Books Other Than Daniel and Revelation

Local Adventist evangelist Pastor Jim Prophecy was reportedly left in a state of disbelief yesterday after accidentally opening his Bible to the book of Ruth during a sermon preparation session. “I Read more […]

Summer Evangelism Series Rebranded as ‘Prophecy and Popsicles’ to Boost Attendance

In an attempt to combat dwindling attendance at their annual summer evangelism series, the Cooler Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church has taken a bold new approach. This year’s series, traditionally Read more […]

Loma Linda Boot Camp Makes You Run Like It’s The Time Of Trouble

  LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Inland Empire residents looking to get in shape for the new year need look no further than a Loma Linda University boot camp that forces participants to run like Read more […]

Vatican Charging Adventists $666 For Tourist Visa

Vatican City — Adventists hoping to visit the Vatican are being charged a new “Theological Reciprocity Visa” fee costing $666. The fee allows Adventists free access to the historical sights Read more […]