Vatican Charging Adventists $666 For Tourist Visa

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This just got pricey.
Vatican City — Adventists hoping to visit the Vatican are being charged a new “Theological Reciprocity Visa” fee costing $666.

The fee allows Adventists free access to the historical sights as long as they promise not to distribute tracts or call anyone the Mark of the Beast while on their visit.

Adventists are also banned from asking Vatican officials when they plan on rolling out Sunday Law as authorities have repeatedly clarified that no one knows the day or the hour.

“Even if we did know, we’d probably not have our guides sharing it as you tour St. Peter’s,” said the visa announcement.


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  1. Larry

    I was just there in October 2019. I told them I was SDA and they welcomed me with open arms. They took me to see the pope and he gave me $666 for visiting him. This shows that the Barely Adventist story above is just plain nonsense. The pope said for me to give his regards to Ted Wilson, and that he appreciates Teds desire to be the Pope for the Adventist Church. He said the world needs more popes. He also stated that since the Adventist Church was becoming more Catholic with a Pope and only male pastors, he would welcome the church to become a subsidiary of the Catholic church. Soon our church will be know as the “Seventh-day Catholic Church.”

    1. Hartmut W Sager

      Yes, RarelyAdventist sometimes gets the details quite wrong (like in this case, who’s paying who). But the core of this report is correct and very desirable. If the current Seventh-day Adventist Church with its Pope Wilson II can become the Seventh-day Catholic Church, a subsidiary of the Roman Catholic Church, there would surely be much rejoicing in Heaven over this great unity and one less false prophet(ess). It might also help in avoiding the Mark of the Beast by not having to deal with any end-times disloyalty dictates.

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