Washington Adventist University students forced to work phone banks as rumors grow of Ben Carson presidential run

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Dr. Ben Carson Image courtesy Wikipedia
Dr. Ben Carson
Image courtesy Wikipedia
TAKOMA PARK, Md. — The administration of Washington Adventist University has taken preemptive action in the event that Adventist former pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson officially enters the 2016 presidential race.  Effective immediately, all students will be required to work campus-based phone banks for the local Ready for Ben chapter.

“Preliminary presidential campaign work of this nature will be excellent experience for our students regardless of their major.  Never before has an Adventist been this high profile in political circles,” said university spokesperson Mary Underwood.

Campus opinions regarding the new policy vary drastically. Students raised reading Dr. Carson’s books responded enthusiastically to the news and have hung banners in the student center.

“Think Big! Think BEN 20016!” reads the banner hung on the entrance.  “America should be in gifted hands,” reads another.

“He may have separated Siamese twins but he will unite America!” shouted a student organizer at a rally to massive applause.

Other students are less enthused.  “I can’t just give a free pass to him because he’s an Adventist,” said Adventist Today student correspondent Seth Pollock.  “I like that he stresses the importance of education but comparing gays to pedophiles and Obamacare to slavery?  Come on!”

Pollock has taken to the student newspaper to recruit an opposition group to the university’s pro-Carson stance.  The group is open to any student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and will be called The Conscientious Objectors.

A massive debate has erupted among the university’s Theology faculty about the implications of an Adventist president of the United States.  The biggest questions so far are about whether the Second Advent will be delayed.  “America is obviously not going to give power to the beast under Adventist leadership,” said Missiology professor Brian Rotterman in his take on the controversy.

The General Conference has also weighed in on the matter saying it supports the decision by WAU and asks students to set aside politically partisan views in support of a higher cause. The GC did, however, offer a word of caution, advising all Adventists to support Ben Carson “but not because he’s Adventist” so as to keep the separation of Church and State firmly in members’ minds.

Dr. Carson himself has yet to say anything definitive either way about a presidential run, limiting himself to rousing speeches to his base.  “It’s too early to tell if he will run,” admits  the WAU campus-wide email released to announce the mandatory phone work.  “But we are Adventists and we are big into getting ready.”


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  1. Daisy

    I would change schools before being forced to pick up the phone even one time for a political campaign. For someone who makes me feel so embarrassed to have Adventism in common? I would first wait to see what all of my punishments were for refusing. Having an Adventist in the oval office is not important to me. Having someone with respect for others who speaks wisely is. Ben Carson is not that person. And schools requiring contributions of time to political campaigning, putting some students in a position to state they support someone they disagree with is something I take serious issue with. Just…no.

    1. Michael

      Embarassed to have adventism in common with Ben Carson? I bet he has more meaningful and lasting accomplishments in a year than you will have over your entire life. Speaking of respect for people, show some for Ben by not spreading lies about him. Dr. Carson’s wealth of experience and wisdom shines through every time he gives a calm and fair answer. Even during the speech that launched him into presidential consideration, the prayer breakfast speech… not a single disparaging comment. To believe that somehow voicing his views which you don’t agree with is not being respectful shows that the real issue is you can’t deal with worldviews that don’t fit your bubble of reality. I like your premise though… if I disagree with someone who is genuine in having a very substantive view that has been formed over the years of overcame adversity and a career at the top of his field, it’s because he’s an embarassment. I’m embarassed that you 1) are soo thin skinned as to be embarassed by a viewpoint that isn’t exactly like yours and 2) that you are so wise that you can size up someone’s worth but can’t figure out an exaggeratedly over sarcastic article.

  2. AU student

    My God.. You already bring church and state together by forcing (or even asking) students to support a political figure. We aren’t a public, government-funded institution. Our Adventist universities are part of our Adventist church. This (and perhaps the eventual stuffing of ballot boxes) is about the church wanting to appear lofty to the world; it has nothing to do with the glorification of Christ. It’s incredibly scary that that GC is supporting this in any way.

  3. Daisy

    Wait, this is satire right? I saw the Doug Bachelor thing and was like…..hold it. Whew. I was seriously about to complain to the president. That would have gone over well!

  4. Mel Palmer

    Ben Carson is no Adventist. He was at CPAC on Sabbath morning giving political speeches when he should be in church. Last year he spoke at 10:30. This year he spoke at 11:00. He’s no Daniel.

  5. Deb L

    Not only did he speak on Sabbath at CPAC, but last year he was selling his books on Sabbath. I don’t really care who will be running for President, no one should EVER be required to work for them. Let it be on a volunteer basis. Where O where is our belief in separation of church and state? It does not just apply to nonadventists!

  6. Jeff Gabel

    I guess the web site speaks for itself.
    I would doubt that students are being forced for one thing and any “Adventist” that would vote for Hillary is obviously not even a Christian. She is pro abortion, anti Christian, Pro Gay. What is there that is redeeming? If you vote for the Devil you will get the Devil.
    Carson is none of those things and is for common sense and logic in government. Evil is not his purview.

  7. Linda

    This certainly shows that so few SDA’s can laugh at themselves!! They can’t even read the fine lines before ranting about the sin and hypocrisy. Keep up the good work. I shall hope for positive unintended consequences!! Next you will be showing artist renditions of Jesus smiling!

  8. Ray Kraft

    I hope Dr. Carson runs. He’ll bring a lot of fun to the campaign! He can explain to the world that there were two of every species of dinosaurs on the Ark with Noah . . . a fact most unfortunately omitted in the movie.

  9. Tony

    Wow, i want a honest president, a beliver president, a patriotic president….no one better…Dr. Ben Carson President (The world need people with faith, with love and with the truth. I hope he wins.

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