Why Adventists Overeat at Potlucks

The BarelyAdventist crew has just gotten back from a Sabbath potluck where they TOTALLY overate. Here’s a list of reasons they know they are in good company:

The food is just too good to resist. Let’s be real, when Sister Jones brings her famous vegan lasagna, it’s hard to say no.

The fear of missing out (FOMO). You never know what delicious dishes your Adventist brothers and sisters will bring to the potluck. So, naturally, you want to try a little bit of everything just in case you miss out on a culinary masterpiece.

Peer pressure. Everyone else is going for seconds and thirds, so you might as well join in, right?

The potluck effect. There’s something about potlucks that just makes you want to eat everything in sight. It’s like a buffet on steroids.

Portion control is for the weak. Adventists know that moderation is key, but when it comes to potlucks, they throw caution to the wind and go all-in on those haystacks.

The potluck diet. Adventists know that eating plant-based is good for them, so they justify their overeating by thinking “it’s all healthy anyway!”

The “potluck high.” There’s something about the social atmosphere of potlucks that just makes Adventists feel good. They eat to feel happy, not just full.


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