Entire Congregation Has Beasts of Revelation Nightmares After Fiery End Times Sermon

A fiery End Times sermon left an entire congregation grappling with vivid nightmares of apocalyptic proportions this weekend. Pastor Elijah Hartsfield, known for his calm demeanor and thoughtful Read more […]

Loma Linda residents furious as area code changes to (666)

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Livid Loma Linda residents have taken to the streets of the typically tranquil city in Southern California’s San Bernardino County. The cause for the uproar: news that the Read more […]

666th finisher in GC fun run regrets not running faster

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — “I really should have pushed myself more,” admitted a winded Julio Lentisimo at the finishing line of Sunday’s GC San Antonio 5K fun run.  Although Lentisimo had disciplined Read more […]