Pathfinders dominate Black Friday campouts across US

Oshkosh training delivers...
Oshkosh training delivers...

USA - According to data from box stores across America today, Adventist Pathfinder clubs beat out the campout competition outside Best Buy, Walmart, Target and virtually every other major retail chain in the country.

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Pathfinders rushed through Thanksgiving dinners at home before being picked up by club directors who promptly dropped them off, camping gear in hand, outside local box stores.

"It didn't matter how early stores started their Black Friday sales, our Pathfinders were first in line with a song in their hearts," said North American Division Pathfinder spokesperson Morre Patches.

"Whether it was a Best Buy opening at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day or some laggard opening at midnight, our Pathfinders were the first in the door, marching in formation, decked out in full dress uniform."

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  1. RicheeeeRich

    House guys got it all wrong. Pathfinders do not like to put tents down on cement. Very uncomfortable!! No place pound tent pegs. Unable to attatch tents to buildings. Against fire codes to light up stoves,etc. No place for latrines. Please correct your story. Woe to you hypocrites.

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