Adventist Review Accidentally Prints Taylor Swift’s Tour Schedule Instead of Camp Meeting Dates

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In a surprising mix-up that has Adventists everywhere checking their calendars, the Adventist Review’s latest issue mistakenly published Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” schedule instead of the annual camp meeting dates.

Readers were puzzled to find venues like Wembley Stadium and Anfield Stadium listed as locations for spiritual gatherings. The error went unnoticed until eager church members started inquiring about the £57.65 “early bird special” for the Cardiff “camp meeting.”

One confused church elder commented, “I was thrilled to see such a star-studded lineup for our camp meeting, but I couldn’t figure out why we needed a ‘ball pond’ for baptisms.”

The mix-up has led to an unexpected surge in youth interest in camp meetings, with many young Adventists now eagerly awaiting the chance to “Shake It Off” during the Sabbath afternoon programs.

An Adventist Review spokesperson sheepishly admitted, “We apologize for the confusion. Rest assured, our camp meetings won’t be featuring any surprise songs or costume changes.”

The publication has promised to issue a correction, but not before several church boards voted to replace their traditional hymns with selections from “Midnights” and “Folklore.”


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