Slide Show: Celebrities with an Adventist connection — Part I

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The peculiar people have some interesting ties to some very familiar faces. You might just be surprised at who turns up in this list, and who's NOT on the list (Guess what: Ozzy Osbourne, Mark Mark Wahlberg and Jaci Velasquez are NOT connected to the Adventist church. But don't let that stop you from singing "Flower in the Rain" for special music, teenage girls.)

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  1. Carolyn

    Not exactly a celebrity, but Merlin Tuttle (bat man) is an expert on bats. He founded Bat Conservation International. He went to Little Creek Academy in Tennessee where his father was a biology teacher there.

  2. Richard Mills

    Former, lapsed or whatever you want to label these former SDA”s is just what they are! Once they get a touch of stardom, piles of cash, notoriety, TV exposure, a few gold records, etc. they forget their SDA bringing up. If any ever give back to the church it is in the form of cash donations to keep on the good side. Little Richard?? Don’t make me laugh at this one!! You could have mentioned Ferlin Husky, Chuck Connors, Jerry Pettis, family of Johnny Cash. Ali’s wife is supposed to be an SDA, not Ali. Buchwald was adopted by an SDA family, but kept his Jewish name. Doss & Black are probably the best examples of remaining SDA’s after becoming famous. What about President Harding-check him out his administration!!! Obama-what about his supposed SDA connection? Stop all this whining-either you are a faithful SDA or not. No more straddling the spiritual fence here. Woe is me. I is or I ain’t!!

    1. Perma Frost

      do they forget the church when they get famous, or do church folk “subtly” push them away by judging their career choices, pressuring them to spend their fortune on ministry, or latching on to their fame in hopes that it will rub off the on the denomination???

  3. evertmcdowell

    Some notables you have left off:
    Prince (raised)
    Salt (from Salt N Pepa- converted)
    Hugh Martin (composer — “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”)
    Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice)
    Clifton Davis (TV star “Amen” and “That’s My Mamma”)
    Joan Lunden (raised)
    Sojourner Truth
    Shirly Mason (Most famous physc patient in history a.k.a “Sybil”)
    Lee Boyd Malvo (younger of the DC sniper duo was SDA before converting to Islam)
    Robert L. Yates, Jr. (most prolific serial killer in Washington State history)
    Kennith Bianchi, a.k.a. “the Hillside Strangler” (converted after his crimes)
    and as for Ozzy — there is no evidence that he has any connection to Adventism.

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