Sligo Church to get a smoke machine

Takoma Park, Md. --- Hailed as an "historic milestone in the growth of Sligo Church," Senior Pastor Charles Tapp announced today that the church would inaugurate a smoke machine next Sabbath. Read more [...]
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Slide Show: What kind of Adventist are you?

Not many people outside of the denomination realize that Adventists come in all flavors and types. We're rainbow sherbet, not just raspberry sorbet (and yes, maybe we were a little hungry as we wrote this.) But no matter where you fall on the spectrum, everybody is welcome! (Note: There are sure to be more types than the ones presented here. Feel free to suggest more in the comments section.) Read more [...]
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Walla Walla University students orchestrate hunger strike to protest pre-noon classes

COLLEGE PLACE, Wash. — Walla Walla University student leadership have organized a campus-wide hunger strike to protest "inhumane pre-noon classes" that Student Association President, Cody Read more [...]
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Slide Show: 10 hymns with not so sacred musical roots

You've probably heard the argument that only hymns should be sung in church as they are the most holy (read: can be played softly on a piano or organ) and don't have those evil voodoo beats. You've probably also heard the counter-argument that most hymn tunes originated as a bar song. We've always wondered about this and decided to do a little digging into the history of some beloved hymns. (Note: All hymns come from the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, 1986 edition. Yeah, we're old school like that.) Now get ready to rock! Read more [...]
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Pre-blessed Big Franks to hit stores

NASHVILLE, N. Car. --- The owners of the Worthington / Loma Linda brand are set to test a pre-blessed version of the popular Big Franks veggie links. "Today's Adventist consumers are so busy Read more [...]
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La Sierra allows co-ed dorm room Bible study, small group attendance soars

RIVERSIDE, Calif. --- Days after announcing a new policy allowing co-ed dorm room Bible studies, La Sierra University administrators are reporting a huge surge in small group attendance among Read more [...]
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“Over my Dead Body” ceremony unites church leaders in opposition to losing their positions at the 2015 General Conference Session

SILVER SPRING, Md. --- In a hastily-arranged yet highly somber break-away session from this year's Annual Council meetings, Adventist leaders from around the world held up miniature coffins Read more [...]
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