Pope invites Doug Batchelor for peace talks

VATICAN --- In an intriguing move by the Vatican, Pope Francis has invited veteran Adventist evangelist and staunch papal critic Doug Batchelor to Rome for peace talks. The invitation comes Read more [...]
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Slide Show: #TBT — Adventists legends when they were young(ish)

It's Throwback Thursday! Can you guess who these Adventists/Adventist-connected people are? Read more [...]
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GC San Antonio to feature vegetarian-only preferred seating

SAN ANTONIO, Texas --- Event organizers have announced that this summer' s General Conference Session will feature preferred seating for vegetarians. Floor seating close to the stage in the Read more [...]
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Adventist relieved new Waco villains are bikers

WACO, Texas --- "It took 22 years but finally the most talked about villains in Waco are bikers, not an Adventist offshoot," said church Public Relations Analyst Chip Spinner, echoing the sentiments Read more [...]
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Newly baptized Adventist told she can now stop thinking

Fresh from the waters of baptism and --- before that --- significant soul searching and Bible study, Bethany Olson has been told by her new Adventist brothers and sisters that she can stop thinking. Read more [...]
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Slide Show: 10 ways to accept compliments like an Adventist

What to do when someone compliments you on that bangin' sermon/special music/memory verse reading? For starters, never ever say "Thank you." Read more [...]
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Rival churches fight to recruit cute kids for lambs’ offering

LOS ANGELES,Calif. --- The Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has declared a state of emergency in the greater Los Angeles area as an all-out battle rages between Adventist Read more [...]
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