Southwestern Adventist University cashes in on Tex-Mex heritage, offers haystacks degree

KEENE, Texas --- "We trust that this will settle the question of which is the 'most Adventist' of Adventist universities," said Bubba Bigger, a Southwestern Adventist University spokesperson, Read more [...]
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Army of Adventist young people change Facebook status to “single” as wedding season explodes

With summer wedding madness in full swing, Adventist singles are making every possible preparation to fully take advantage of the romantic potential of the season. Thousands of Adventist college Read more [...]
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Obama to repeat anti-women’s oppression speech to GC upon return to America

NAIROBI, Kenya --- Thousands of Kenyans gathered in a Nairobi sports center roared their approval yesterday as US President Barack Obama categorically condemned the justification of the oppression Read more [...]
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GC introduces term limits for pro-women’s ordination church leaders

BREAKING NEWS SILVER SPRING, Md. --- For the first time in the history of the Adventist church, term limits for General Conference and division-level officers will be introduced. There's Read more [...]
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North American Division cancels Trump construction contract for new headquarters

SILVER SPRING, Md. --- The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists may be stuck in the General Conference building for longer than anticipated due to the cancellation of a construction Read more [...]
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Union College to build student center from Legos

LINCOLN, Neb. --- In a crowded field of Adventist colleges competing for attention, Union College may just have the summer's trump card: the school is breaking ground on a stand-alone student Read more [...]
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GC bans Adventists from marrying unless they’ve been on a vespers date

SILVER SPRING, Md. --- The General Conference has established a bare minimum of one pre-wedding vespers date as a prerequisite for Adventist couples wishing to be married by an Adventist minister. Read more [...]
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