Collegedale man arrested for trying to dump burning coals on neighbor’s head

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. --- Pete Scalding, a 54-year-old Collegedale resident, was arrested in his front yard this Saturday afternoon after attempting to pour a tub of hot coals on his next door Read more [...]
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Slide Show — Stand, sit or kneel: What to do during an Adventist church service

Confused about what to do during an Adventist church service? True, church bulletins can be rife with confusing jargon and language, but while most services vary widely in format, they're very similar in content. Read more [...]
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PUC student launches Amazing Facts spoof site: ‘Amazing Farts’

ANGWIN, Calif. --- Carlos Mendoza, a junior Film and TV major at Pacific Union College, caused a stir this past week by starting Amazing FartsĀ a satirical website spoofing Doug Batchelor's Read more [...]
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Florida Hospital launches biggest pet care network in state

ORLANDO, Fla. --- "Everyone knows that you can't work in healthcare in this state without doing business with Florida Hospital," said corporate office spokesperson Jay Norman at a press conference Read more [...]
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Cure for carob cravings finally found

SACRAMENTO, Calif. --- Decades of research into how best to curb carob cravings appear to have accidentally borne fruit. Late last Friday, exhausted Carob Institute research scientist, Read more [...]
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Super Senior at Walla Walla that has ‘dated everyone’ mulls transfer to Southern

COLLEGE PLACE, Wash. --- Twenty-five-year-old Jake Newhall, a French Studies super senior at Walla Walla University, thinks it might be time to transfer to Southern. The reason? He claims Read more [...]
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40-year-old Adventist leaves Loma Linda for the first time

LOMA LINDA, Calif. --- Bo Hitchens, a 40-year-old X-ray tech told friends and family this week that, after much soul searching, he had decided to venture outside greater Loma Linda for the Read more [...]
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