A doctor is born to Adventist parents

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Dr. John Lamston has got all the gear...

Dr. John Lamston has got all the gear…

ORLANDO, Fla. — May and Shawn Lamston are the proud parents of a beautiful 3-month-old baby boy and they’ve got big plans.  “I knew from the moment the little guy showed up that he was a future physician,” said May, her eyes filled with wonder. “Even that first scream was full of doctorly authority.”

“No doubt about it,” said Shawn, cradling the baby carefully in his arms.  “Everything he does is so physician-like.  When I look into his eyes I feel like Ben Carson is looking back at me.  It’s beautiful.”

The Lamstons are big believers in the power of the right name.  They have made a loving point of addressing their newborn as Dr. John Lamston whenever speaking to him.  “Friends and family think it’s weird but we just ignore them,” said May.

“Others may not care if they raise a child who ends up being an academy teacher or a UPS guy.  We, on the other hand, are bringing up a doctor with gifted hands,” explained Shawn.

The Lamstons have Dr. Ben Carson’s second book, Think Big, playing on repeat over Dr. Lamston’s crib and have made a point of picking out baby scrubs for their infant to wear at all times.

“Our next big event is Dr. Lamston’s baby dedication,” said May.  “We have already gone shopping for a baby stethoscope and found a pastor who will get our baby’s name right.  We can’t wait!!”

“Amen, Amen, AMEN!” said Shawn, wiping tears from his eyes, already thinking of that Loma Linda graduation a short 25 years away.






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One comment

  1. Ray Kraft

    If they haven’t done so already, they need to change the kid’s name, legally, to “Doctor John Lamston,” so from the first grade on his official first name will be “Doctor.”

    “And you,” says the teacher, “Will you stand up and tell us your name and tell us a little bit about yourself?”

    “Well,” says Lamston, a little nervous, after all it is the first day of school, first grade, “My name is Doctor, Doctor John Lamston, and I’m going to be a Doctor when I grow up.”

    Everybody will call him “Doc.”

    He’ll get used to it

    And then he’ll rebel and be a bartender.

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